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The Starlight Honeys

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About Us & Our Music

Welcome to the home page of The Starlight Honeys band. We are happy that by choice, chance or good fortune you have landed with us for a little while. If you are planning a wedding or special event in the Lakes Region and southern foothills of the White Mountains we would love to hear from you and we invite you to look at our pictures, read some testimonials and listen to samplings of our music.

The Starlight Honeys band have been together for 7 years and all the members have been friends and accompanied each other for much longer. Our home base is Sandwich, NH, which is on the northern edge of Squam Lake and on the southern boarder of the White Mountain National Forest. All of us have lived here in this uniquely beautiful place for 30 years or more except Sam (she was born here but she’s not quite that old). All this by way of saying that as you plan your special occasion, we applaud you for choosing this little corner to celebrate family, love and friendship. The Starlight Honeys band is mindful that the spirit of our beautiful surroundings is what brought all of us here together.  We do our best to impart that spirit in our songs, harmonies, and instruments, and with the joy of making a beautiful noise together. 

The Band: About Us

Band Members


Roger Sorlien

Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, Banjo


Katie O'Connell

Vocals, Drum, Whistles, Guitar


Sam Tracy

Vocals, Banjo, Guitar


Dick Hodges

Upright Bass


Doug Hazard

Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar

The Band: Band Members

Frequent Member


Rachel Sorlien

Fiddle, Vocals

The Band: Band Members

Honeys Mascot

The Band: Band Members

Eddie Merle Watson

Best Dog Ever

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